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TuitionZone tutoring services was established in March of 2009. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputable service within the South Eastern suburbs by providing high quality, customized tutoring services through the utilization of diligent tutors.

We have grown through the word of mouth and recommendation of happy students and parents and we hope to expand our services in the near future in order to provide even more students with tailored, high quality tutoring.

Amila Arachchi founded Tuition Zone in 2009, he is the current Director of Tuition Zone. He realized that some students are struggling to cope with school homework and to revise well for school exams. His philosophy is to teach them students concepts and revise past lessons to help stand them out from their peers. As he began tutoring mathematics for students from year 7 to year 12, he realized most of the students needed a helping hand with other subjects as well. Hence, he decided to work with some other tutors to deliver quality tutoring per the code of conduct of Tuition Zone. At Tuition Zone, we always look for challenges and to enhance the ways we deliver knowledge to the students with up to date content. We also carefully select the tutors and always check for working with children checks and conduct thorough background checks. All our tutors are bound by the code of conduct of Tuition Zone that comply with child safe policies in Victoria

Amila Arachchi is the Director and Senior Maths Tutor of Tuition Zone, who established the service in 2009 with a pretty simple dream – to help students of all ages and abilities to realise their academic ambitions.

Since launching, Amila (B.Eng Electrical Hons – RMIT) has assisted thousands of students in South East Melbourne through personalised tuition, while continue to improve internal systems at Tuition Zone and, ultimately, the quality of student outcomes.

While Amila is enormously proud of the success and growth of Tuition Zone, he is also a hands-on, exceptionally passionate mathematics tutor. For Tuition Zone students, he offers tuition in Maths Methods, Further Maths and Specialist Maths (Units 1-4).

“Tuition Zone is so successful because our tutors deliver lessons tailored to individual needs,” Amila said.

“I love helping students and watching them become confident in their subject. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing smiles on students’ faces when they understand the concept and achieve success.

“For example, I recall one student who had been underachieving due to excessive gaming. During his final year at high school, we developed a strategy to improve his study habits. We worked really hard and he achieved 43/50 in Maths Methods for his Year 12 exam. This was a great feeling for us both.”

Amila said his approach to tutoring is to use real-world examples to explain new concepts to students.

“This helps not only to improve understanding, but assists them with problem-solving throughout their young-adult life.”

In the near future, Amila’s ambition is to grow service delivery to include students with special needs, so all students can benefit from one-on-one tutoring.

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Amila Arachchi Director