A Lifelong Passion For Learning

Amila Arachchi, Founder and CEO of Tuition Zone has a passion for lifelong learning. While in his third year of studying Engineering at RMIT University. Amila started tutoring to earn money. He continued the tutoring throughout the rest of his degree and even continued it once he started working full time. Not only was Amila enjoying the tutoring he was also making a great income.  Furthermore, the demand for his services continued to grow as more and more parents were contacting him asking if he would tutor their children. Being entrepreneurial Amila could see the upside potential of the business opportunity.

So, in 2017 Amila launched Tuition Zone in Cranbourne, Melbourne. What started as one location with one tutor soon grew into 2 locations, with over 200 students, 25 staff and tutoring in 15 subjects! 

Now 5 years on and Amila is ready to ramp up the growth of Tuition Zone by expanding it through a franchise model. The vision is to have a network of motivated owner operators implementing the Tuition Zone business model and success throughout Australia.

If you are passionate about learning and love to teach and have ambition and drive, then Tuition Zone could be the business opportunity you have been looking for. With a tried and tested business model and support from an experienced team at head office, tuition zone franchise partners are on the road to success.

Please read through this franchise brochure and If making a difference in the lives of young people through helping them with their education and giving you a great return excites you, then please reach out so that we can further discuss Tuition Zone.

Our Tutoring Centres

Tuition Zone offers tutoring to students, one-on-one, in small groups, at home and online. Most tutoring is conducted in our centres which are purpose built to provide the best learning environment.

Typically, they are 70-100 SQM and ideally sound proofed. They contain up to 4 classroom areas as well as other quite spaces. Usually located on the first floor, away from street noise, they are a warm and welcoming area. There are printers, computes, whiteboards, notebooks, and a great supply of educational resources.

Our business is highly systemised with a suite of integrated business software efficiently running the back end of the business. This means franchise partners and their tutors can focus their attention on what really matters – helping each student to reach their full potential.

A Brighter Future

There are many great reasons to join the Tuition Zone franchise network including:

Fast-track Your Success Workout!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of going into business is a lack of knowledge and experience about what works and what doesn’t. Sure, you can give something a go and see if it works. But a much smarter way is to find someone who is already doing well and join their team.

This is exactly what Tuition Zone offers its franchise partners. The chance to be your own boss and operate your own business but secure in the knowledge that there is an experienced team at head office supporting every aspect of the business.

Profitable Business.

Tuition Zone is a profitable business. We have experienced growth since we started in 2017 and have established a solid customer base. Unlike some franchises where net profit is around 10-15%, tuition zones net profit is approximately 25%. This means more money in the franchise partners pockets.

Growth Industry. 

Spending on education is now one of the top 15 expenditure items for Australian Families, increasing in recent years by almost 80 per cent for preschool and primary years, and 101 per cent for secondary school!  One in four students now receive private tutoring and consequently Australia’s billion- dollar home tutoring industry is unable to keep up with demand in many areas. So, if you are looking for a business in a growth industry – Tuition Zone is the top of the class!

Secure Income Streams.

Tuition Zone offer franchise partners secure income streams by offering their clients various tutoring options. This means revenue comes in week on week.

Repeat Customers.

One of the most expensive cost in a business is acquiring new customers. One of the great benefits of the Tuition Zone business model is that they have a very high rate of repeat customers. Most customers use our services weekly, year after year. Not only are they regular customers but they also promote our business by telling their friends and family about the benefits Tuition Zone, which means many of our new leads are generated by word-of-mouth referrals.

Your Tuition Zone Franchise Journey

Making the choice to operate your own business is a big and exciting step, which is why we’re committed to making the process as open and informative as possible.  It’s an important decision for both of us, so we’ll provide all the support and information you need to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

The Next Step

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