How can I organize a tutoring sessions with TuitionZone?

Simply call us on 1300 830 991 or fill the online booking form.

Can I select my own tutor?

Unfortunately you may not choose your tutor. We arrange for an experienced tutor competent in the subject matter to tutor your child. We make a match based on personality matches and simple psychometric testing. However, if you’re not 100% happy with the tutor assigned to you, we will organize for a different tutor to take their place upon your request.

Do I have to pay a joining fee

No, TuitionZone does not charge you a joining fee or any monthly administrative fee.

How can I get an additional lesson from a tutor

You must contact TuitionZone to make any such arrangement. Given your requests and the tutor’s availability and additional lessons, longer/shorter lessons may be scheduled.

Which locations do you provide your services at?

We provide our in-home tutoring services for most of the South Eastern Suburbs. Our group/one to one tutoring centre is located in Cranbourne, however. Please contact us to check the availability of our services at your preferred location.