Chemistry Revision Pack (Unit 3 & 4)

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Based on the latest 2016-2022 VCE syllabus.


Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances, and how substances interact with energy.

This series is written for students preparing for VCE Chemistry examination. Students can use it for revision, as a study guide or a source of alternate questions. It is designed for students who believe in self-study and intend to do topic revision.


  • Based on the latest 2016-2022 VCE syllabus.
  • For the purpose of understanding, all the study notes are illustrated with diagrams and graphics.
  • Detailed chapter notes on each topic to understand the key concepts.
  • Wide range of practice questions for each chapter.
  • Step-by-step approached solution



  • Chapter 1- Fuels
  • Chapter 2- Energy from fuels
  • Chapter 3- Stoichiometry and the combustion of fuels
  • Chapter 4- Redox reactions
  • Chapter 5- Galvanic cells as a source of energy
  • Chapter 6- Fuel cells as a source of energy
  • Chapter 7- Rate of chemical reactions
  • Chapter 8- Extent of chemical reactions
  • Chapter 9- Production of chemicals by electrolysis
  • Chapter 10- Structure and nomenclature of organic compounds
  • Chapter 11- properties and reactions of organic compounds
  • Chapter 12-Analysis of organic compounds by spectroscopic techniques
  • Chapter 13-Analysis of organic compounds by chromatography
  • Chapter 14- Analysis of organic compounds by volumetric analysis
  • Chapter 15-Structure and bonding in food molecules
  • Chapter 16- Metabolism of food in the human body
  • Chapter 17- The energy content of food

Chapter 7 – Rate of chemical reactions unit 3&4 (1)