Physics Revision Pack (Unit 1 & 2)

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Based on the latest 2016-2022 VCE syllabus.


This series is written for students preparing for VCE physics examination. Students can use it for revision, as a study guide or a source of alternate questions. It is designed for students who believe in self-study and intend to do topic revision.


  • Based on the latest 2016-2022 VCE syllabus.
  • For the purpose of understanding, all the study notes are illustrated with diagrams and graphics.
  • Detailed chapter notes on each topic to understand the key concepts.
  • Wide range of practice questions for each chapter.
  • Step-by-step approached solution


  • Chapter 1- Heating processes
  • Chapter 2- Applying thermodynamic principles
  • Chapter 3- Electrical Physics
  • Chapter 4- Practical electric circuits
  • Chapter 5- The origins of everything
  • Chapter 6- Particles in the nucleus
  • Chapter 7- Energy from the atom
  • Chapter 8- Scalars and vectors
  • Chapter 9- Linear motion
  • Chapter 10- Momentum and force
  • Chapter 11-Equilibrium
  • Chapter 12- Energy work & power

Chapter 10 unit 1&2- Force and momentum (1)