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Benefits of One-on-OneTutoring for Students

Basically, tutoring is a practice where a student will have someone to closely teach them outside regular school hours. It could be only for a specific subject like Mathematics, Science, English, or all of it on a scheduled basis. Every learner is different from the other. One learner must have no problems learning in a classroom setup, while the other is otherwise. One-on-one tutoring helps those learners to have a better understanding of the subject matters that they find difficult at school. 

The pandemic had put the academe in a challenge indeed. It is already challenging to teach and learn in a classroom of at least 20 students, and now, it is more difficult to connect learning to the students over a small monitor. In light of this, one-on-one tutoring could still be a good solution to help students understand their subjects better. 

Tuition Zone offers tutor sessions to help you improve academically and your personal skills. Read through this article to know more about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring and how it may help students to learn better.

1. Undivided attention towards the student

During a one-on-one tutoring session, the teacher is able to address all of the student’s concerns and questions about the subject matter. At the same time, it gives the teacher a better assessment view of the student’s full potential. In this manner, the teacher may be able to formulate learning strategies best suited for the student. 

2. Encourages asking question

In a class of at least 20 students, some find asking questions difficult. Now even more difficult to think about the student’s question is heard or not through the online classroom. On the other hand, one-on-one tutoring encourages the student to ask questions, which is one of the essences of tutoring. 

3. Improves student’s confidence

Following what’s been said above, students are more likely to gain self-confidence. That’s because the student receives affirmation and feedback personally without anyone that might judge them. They can answer the teacher’s questions without being afraid of getting laughed at. It results in building their own confidence in their mastery of any subject matter.

4. Develop specific skill sets

Students tend to open up a bit more with their tutor during their sessions. In this case, tutors are able to suggest management skills for the students such as; time management, communication, and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and many more. They could also find out their strong and weak points and improve them.

5. Positive and focused workspace

One-on-one tutoring also provides a secured and positive workspace for the student without, or with the least distraction possible. This way the student could focus more on understanding the subjects that they find difficult. Since it is their workspace, they could also use learning strategies that are best for them.

6. Offers wider and deeper learning

Having a personal learning environment opens a way for the student and teacher to have more deep conversations. With those, the student has more opportunity to learn wisdom from their teacher and not just learn everything from the textbook. 

7. Personalized learning

The student could learn in a way that best suits his ability to learn. Tutors can teach the student at their own pace while the challenge is not taken away. In this way, the student could appreciate studying more and learn due to his capacity of learning, without judgment of course.

8. Develops accountability and responsibility

Schools, of course, offer students to develop their accountability and learn responsibility in the means of homework, quizzes, exams, or projects, which pressures the student to be productive every day. On the contrary, one-on-one tutoring offers accountability and responsibility without much pressure but with a challenge, that the student will get better himself at the end of the week or their sessions. 

9. Gives students an outlet

Having a one-on-one tutor gives the student an outlet to voice out what they think. For example, the student might open up having difficulties understanding Mathematics, which is seldom done by students in a traditional classroom setup. Then, the tutor could help lighten up his view on the subject as they go along with their tutoring sessions. 

10. Improves school grades

Now, tutoring might not be hundred percent effective for other students, however, it is proven that students who have tutors achieve higher marks at school. This is because the one-on-one tutoring helped them gain self-confidence, enable them to ask questions to further understand a topic, and develop new skill sets.

Indeed, the pandemic brought a challenge to our education system. Nonetheless, learning is a continuous process and the Tuition Zone is an avenue for it. We understand that it is quite difficult for parents (who are not part of the academe) to help their children study at home, with their work and responsibilities all in their hands.  One-on-one tutoring might be best for students and parents to cope up with blended learning. 

Book an appointment with us and start your one-on-one tutoring journey! We also offer home tutoring, online tutoring, and small-group tutoring. Our mission is to provide high-quality tutoring services through the utilization of our diligent tutors at Tuition Zone!

If you are willing to teach your child, Tuition Zone can give full potential towards your dream to become reality.

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