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How Online Tutoring can Help your Child during the Post Pandemic

Schools are now reopening for face-to-face classes but of course, health protocols such as wearing face masks and washing hands should be observed. But this is amidst the active cases of COVID-19. Yes, this is a risk we are taking to adapt to the new normal since the coronavirus outbreak. 

What is Online Tutoring?

Online Tutoring is basically a tutoring session conducted online.  Through a video call using any platform, a tutor and student can meet and proceed with their lessons. It can be done as small group tutoring or one-on-one tutoring. 

To keep the children in a safe environment without compromising their education, Tuition Zone offers Online Tutoring. Here’s how online tutoring can help your child’s learning progress.

Health safety is prioritized

Since the tutoring is done online, even if the tutor or the student is a bit sick, no one will worry about catching any virus from one another. 

No travel time

What you need for online tutoring are only a good device and a stable internet connection. This type of tutoring can be conducted in the comforts of your home. 

Synchronous Tutoring

This is where the student and tutor meet on an online platform to conduct their lessons. It is still very similar to an actual online class, however, the setup is student-centered and adapts to what is the student’s learning style.

Asynchronous Tutoring

If online tutoring is in a small group setup, asynchronous tutoring can be done. This is where the tutor emails the students the activity for the day and later sends back feedback. They can review their asynchronous lesson during their synchronous session.

Utilize online platforms

Sending activity outputs and checking them is made easy with the online platforms on the internet such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many others. Students are more exposed to using these tools that are most likely for them to use during college.

Globally wide Teaching

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a proper device and stable internet connection you can be enrolled in an online tutoring service. This is best for students who are learning foreign languages to have the best tutor suited for their needs.

Offers private learning environment

Online tutoring offers a private learning environment without the potential awkwardness of face-to-face interaction, especially on the first meeting. Somehow, going to someone else’s house, and inviting someone to your house can be a bit awkward. In addition, there’ll be no pressure of someone physically watching over you while doing your activities or answering your tests.

Students may easily adapt to Online Tutoring

Nowadays, students are used to the online environment and they catch up easily to the digital way of learning. Students are more inclined to use online educational platforms that will eventually help them in college or when they take the profession they chose.

In this age where digital technology is widely used and constantly evolving, we must adapt our education system. Teaching strategies should be evolving and that includes tutoring. Online tutoring may not be for everyone, however, it is a convenient choice of tutoring. Tuition Zone provides tutors that best suit your learning needs. Sign up today and start your online tutoring sessions! We also offer home tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, and small-group tutoring. Our mission is to provide high-quality tutoring services through the utilization of our diligent tutors at Tuition Zone! 

If you are willing to teach your child, Tuition Zone can give full potential towards your dream to become reality.

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